5 Pounds of TRADITIONAL Peanut Dude Boiled Peanuts

5 Pounds of Traditional Peanut Dude Boiled Peanuts delivered straight to your front door.

You, your Friends, and your Family are going to love these Boiled Peanuts. 

Peanut Dude Boiled Peanuts are a great and healthy dish for the entire family. Packed with protein and energy, these nutrient-dense Peanut Dude Boiled Peanuts are sure to keep you fueled! 

We ship nationwide! For ease of ordering & pricing, we use OneRate shipping here at PeanutDude.com

All orders ship A.S.A.P. via Priority Mail along with an email sent directly to you with your tracking number so you can track your order.  

$ 19.95

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