What are your memories involving boiled peanuts?

I am reminded of road trips with my Family, T-Ball games as a child and football games with Friends. For as far back as I can remember boiled peanuts have been a part of many joyful times. I am now honored and blessed to have the ability to share with you the lasting memories my boiled peanuts help to create. You might ask yourself why I refer to my dog, Hudsen, as my business partner. Good question, it is a long story. Here is the short version… For the last ten years or so I have been sharing my boiled peanuts with friends and co-workers. It was just something I enjoyed doing. Challenging times came my way in June of 2007. I found myself flat broke, jobless and just about homeless. On top of that, I had Hudsen to take care of and we were in need of some dog food money. This was the moment my life changed and I made a decision to start selling my boiled peanuts. Some might call this “a gift of desperation”. I sold my first bag of peanuts on June 2, 2007 to a man by the name of Arnold “the watermelon man”. From that moment to today Hudsen and I have had many ups and downs but through it all I have been blessed to share my passion of boiled peanuts with you. She now has plenty of dog food and for that we are truly grateful. God bless you and thank you for your business.