eBook "How The Peanut Dude Found Gratitude" by Chris Bible

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"How The Peanut Dude Found Gratitude" is a wonderful 32 page eBook for all ages. The story is written in rhyme and teaches all the importance of having Gratitude.  

Gratitude is an "Action Word". Gratitude must be focused on and Gratitude must be discussed for both Children and Adults to fully experience the benefits. The feeling of Gratitude brings Great Joy to all who understand it and live by it. Contained in this book is the message of Gratitude and the importance of Gratitude as it relates to maintaining a Happy Life. This story takes you on the Journey of Discovering Gratitude, while also Exploring the meaning of Gratitude. The Journey ends with an awesome Peanut Dude Gratitude Game for all to play and enjoy. The Gratitude game helps the player to become more Grateful, while also helping the player improve both alphabet and word skills. In the back of the book you will see we added a Gratitude Workbook to help further engage and involve the reader. The Workbook contains: "My Ever-Growing" Gratitude List, plus tools and tips to help bring the Emotion of Gratitude to Life. It is wise to be Grateful. It is wise to be Wise. Smile & Enjoy Sharing this book and the message of Gratitude with your Friends, Family, Neighbors and Loved Ones. -Chris Bible a.k.a "The Peanut Dude

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